Hulu vs. Netflix

Tracking the battles over online video business models: will advertising support matter? What will users migrate toward: subscription ad-free models (Netflix) or free ad-supported models (Hulu) or both?

Far more, of course, will shape the evolution of these online video models than whether or not they are ad-supported.

However, how much will user preferences regarding advertising exposure or avoidance end up shaping online video distribution?

Mashable has been tracking tweets about Netflix and Hulu.

According to this, some users find Netflix preferable for  being “commercial free.”  Netflix seems to have found pricing (lower than premium cable networks) that works for users seeking ad-free viewing. Will they be able to sustain those price levels in order to continue to keep this apparent advantage over ad-supported streaming?

Time or money. It seems we usually pay one or the other. Which would you prefer to pay for online video?


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